Collecting Clothing for A Cause

Charity Clothing Pickup is dedicated to providing funding for non-profit organizations through the collection and distribution of used clothing and household items. This is accomplished through four programs: Door to door pick-up service, clothing drop boxes, business clothing drives, and attended donation locations.

In the EPA Research in 2000 shows that as much as 85% of used textiles ends up in landfills. Charity Clothing Pickup is working to help correct this problem in our community while funding local non profit organizations.

Your clothing donations allow Charity Clothing Pickup to contribute funding to local non profit organizations.

By donating your used clothing through Charity Clothing Pickup you

  1. Help the environment
  2. Help provide jobs in our local area 
  3. Provide funding for non profit organizations. The organizations we fund vary in size and objectives but they all have one thing in common they need financial assistance to carry out their objectives and through clothing donations you provide the necessary funding to carry out their work.

Charity Clothing Pickup collects all clothing and household items which are then sold in bulk to thrift stores. These stores are all in the USA.